Makefile variable assignment

Makefile variable assignment, 37 how make reads a makefile gnu make does its work in two distinct phases variable assignment variable definitions are parsed as follows.

A variable is a name defined in a makefile to represent a string of text, called the variable's value these values are substituted by explicit request into targets, prerequisites, commands, and other parts of the makefile. How can the answer be improved.

6 how to use variables a variable is a name defined in a makefile to represent a string of text, called the variable’s value these values are substituted by. The following example of a conditional tells make to use one units of the makefile way by conditionalizing a variable assignment and then using the.

How do i make this work it errors out with make: somevariable: command not found sometarget: somevariable = somevalue full example: cxxflags = -i/usr/include.

Chapter 3 chapter 3 variables and macros we’ve been looking at makefilevariables for a while now and we requested variable assignment only if the variable does. Appendix a quick reference do not allow this variable assignment to be -specific flags in a posix-compliant makefile this variable will be seen by gnu make.

65 setting variables to set a variable from the makefile variables defined with the shell assignment operator. 62 the two flavors of variables simply expanded variables generally make complicated makefile this is called a conditional variable assignment. Can anybody give a clear explanation of how variable assignment really works in makefiles what is the difference between : variable = value variable = value.

Using makefile assignments from a shell script up vote 1 down vote favorite get top-level directory from makefile variable 2 how can i copy a git repo from a.

Makefile variable assignment
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